Time use, policy, and economic growth online symposium

Do not miss the fact sheet featuring CWW research in Vietnam, Colombia and Senegal, prepared by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) in this post

In collaboration with the Population Reference Bureau, the Counting Women’s Work project held an online webcast to explore policy applications of research into time use and unpaid care work. The discussion was policy focused, with the main questions revolving around how estimates like CWW’s National Time Transfer Accounts can impact policy. We were honored to host several speakers who are long-time participants in the Counting Women’s Work project and one chief national statistician who gave his perspective on these important issues from outside the project.


  • Morne Oosthuizen, DPRU/ University of Cape Town

  • Latif Dramani, CREG-CREFAT

  • Beatriz Urdinola Piedad, National University of Colombia-Bogotá

  • Juan Daniel Oviedo, National Statistics Office – DANE, Colombia


  • Gretchen Donehower, Counting Women’s Work

  • Marlene Lee, Population Reference Bureau

In preparation for the session, the Population Reference Bureau prepared a fact sheet featuring CWW research in Vietnam, Colombia, and Senegal. The fact sheet features definitions and basic methodology and shows how CWW research helps policymakers understand gender gaps in work and income, as well as how they differ by socioeconomic status, or urban/rural residence.


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